Patient Safety and MIS

The primary reason Dr. Hodges has been developing the MicroNav Image Guided Minimally Invasive Surgical Technique is concern for patient safety. This technique improves the way we correct deformities and understand the biomechanics of the spine.
There are three technologies that allow us to arrive at the safest surgery with the best surgical outcomes:

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery – Small cuts, 1 to 2 inches, that allow insertion of dilating tubes that allow access to spinal area without cutting or traumatizing muscle.
  • Multi-dimensional Surgical Imaging and Navigation Platform – Think of this platform as similar to the GPS in your car. It allows for precise positioning at all times, safest dissection of spinal problems, and least amount of tissue trauma.
  • Microscopic Dissection – Using a special surgical microscope, the brightest, most visually clear and accurate view of spinal defect is possible, up to 10 times normal size.

The combination of these techniques give us the highest level of patient care possible and best possible outcomes for your spinal surgery.